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September 2007
Bagir makes suits from organic cotton and post consumer waste.

Tailored apparel created from recycled materials

Bagir Ltd., a manufacturer of tailored clothing, is going green with their new label called EcoGIR™.

EcoGIR is made up of three lines of suits, EcoGIR Organic, Recycled and Hybrid. The collection is unique in that it includes suits made from organic cotton and post consumer waste (PCW), which saves energy consumption, reduces carbon footprints by reducing CO2 emissions and helps divert waste from landfills.

The line of organic suits under the EcoGIR Organic label features a jacket that’s made out of 100% organic cotton; even the fusing is made out of natural materials such as bamboo; and the buttons are constructed out of dried Tagua palm tree seeds, ecologically harvested from the rainforest.

EcoGIR Recycled is a fashionable suit that is made of 100% PCW, which is made up of approximately 25 recycled 2-liter plastic bottles. This suit lowers energy consumption by 84% and reduces the CO2 emissions by 77%.

EcoGIR Hybrid is an eco-friendly washable collection made from 55% PCW originally created from PET bottles.

Bagir also plans to implement a voluntary return program in the future, which will eliminate a considerable amount of waste. It will be called EcoGIR Closed Loop and will allow consumers to send their old polyester tailored clothing to Bagir, who will create new polyester fiber ­using fiber-to-fiber recycling processes.