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September 2007

Texas man sentenced for waste transport crimes

Dennis Rodriguez of El Paso, Texas, was sentenced to five months in prison for violating hazardous waste transport law while operating his company, North American Waste Assistance, located in the same city. Rodriguez was also sentenced to five months home confinement, two years of supervised release and ordered to pay a $10,000 fine.

Under a plea agreement reached last February, Rodriguez admitted to one count of making a false statement in a manifest (tracking record) used to transport hazardous waste, and to two counts of transporting hazardous waste to a facility that was not authorized to accept hazardous waste.

Both Rodriguez and his company were indicted in November 2005 for the hazardous waste violations. According to the indictment, Rodriguez and his company were hired to dispose of over of 155 gallon drums of construction-related waste. Approximately 75 of the drums contained petroleum-based concrete curing compound, which is classified as a flammable hazardous waste. In March 2002, Rodriguez and his company transported the drums using several hazardous waste manifests that stated the drums contained non-hazardous waste. Rodriguez illegally disposed of the drums at landfills in Avalon, Texas, and Walterboro, South Carolina that were not permitted under federal law to accept hazardous waste.