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September 2007

Xerox unveils new “greener” paper

Xerox Corporation unveiled a first-of-its-kind paper for digital printing that uses half as many trees as traditional paper, while lowering the cost to mail printed material.

Xerox High Yield Business Paper is made through a “greener” process than standard paper used with digital printers. High Yield Business Paper uses 90 percent of the tree versus only 45 percent being used to create traditional digital printing paper. In addition, High Yield Business Paper requires less water and chemicals and is produced in a plant using hydroelectricity to partially power the pulping process. This process reduces fossil fuel use and results in up to a 75 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The pulp used for Xerox’s uncoated 45 lb. text sheet is produced by mechanically grinding wood into papermaking pulp instead of using the traditional chemical pulping process. The mechanical process converts more than 90 percent of wood weight to papermaking fiber, double the 45 percent yield from chemical pulping.