Hazardous waste facility built

China— Dalian Dongtai Industrial Waste Treatment Company, a subsidiary of China Industrial Waste Management, Inc., began the construction of a newly-designed Centralized Hazardous Waste Treatment Facility.

The US$16 million, 633,956 sq. ft. facility is expected to be in full operation by the second half of 2009.

The project is sponsored by the State Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) as part of a national plan to construct 55 hazardous waste treatment centers in key locations throughout China.

Upon completion, the facility will include a new hazardous waste incinerator, which will have an annual capacity of 9,000 tons. The new incinerator is designed by the Japanese company Takuma Co., Ltd. and will replace Dongtai’s current incinerator.

The new incinerator is specially equipped with a tail gas cleansing system and an online monitoring system in order to ensure all emissions are in compliance with environmental standards.