R. W. Beck to study recycling infrastructure in California

R. W. Beck has been selected by the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) to document the State’s solid waste management and recycling infrastructure. The initiative aims to deliver this information, and a model for projecting future needs through a new, interactive web-based information system, to be added to CIWMB’s expansive website.

“This is the first data gathering, management and modeling project of its size,” says Ed Boisson, project manager at R. W. Beck.

Boisson believes the tool can help CIWMB and local governments evaluate current and future needs for recycling processing facilities, composting sites and other waste reduction infrastructure. Private sector firms could utilize the tool to investigate market opportunities.

The infrastructure inventory and information framework will also facilitate consideration of regional initiatives by mapping existing solid waste and recycling facilities and projecting regional waste generation and infrastructure needs.

As it gathers and manages data, R. W. Beck will abide by the confidentiality requirements of facility owners and operators. The Firm will work with CIWMB on this two-year, $900,000 project to research and collect data, and develop the final information framework, as well as a protocol for periodic updates.