RiverQuest delivers marine hybrid vessel

Explorer, RiverQuest’s newly constructed 90 foot, 150-passenger hybrid boat left Bayou La Batre, Alabama on August 3 and arrived into the Pittsburgh Pool of the Ohio River on August 13 after a 1,600 mile journey through nine states.

Explorer is a state-of-the-art education and research vessel that is designed to serve students and the public in the Pittsburgh region with transformative on board programs. The Explorer will be docked at their home port to begin a month of intensive preparation to take their first passengers onboard in the coming months after local United States Coast Guard inspections are completed.

Explorer is a global benchmark for greening the boating industry with one of the first commercial marine hybrid propulsion systems on earth.

Explorer, also one of the world’s first green-engineered floating classrooms, marks a new era in marine design for environmental sustainability. RiverQuest instructors will teach about the multi-disciplinary subject through the wide variety of programs that the organization offers.