Southern Recycling relocates New Orleans operations

Southern Recycling is relocating its business to a different site in the New Orleans metro area, allowing the company to maintain its operations in Louisiana. The company’s $40 million investment will retain 150 jobs and generate 100 new jobs in the region over the next three years.

Due to the closure of the Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet (MRGO), Southern Recycling had to select a new location for its shipbreaking and metal recycling operations. The company, one of New Orleans’ oldest businesses, considered six in-state and out-of-state deep-water sites. Southern Recycling purchased approximately 344 acres of batture land and 117 acres of contiguous dry land in St. Charles Parish. The site’s deep-water access and large, wide batture were critically important to the company’s ability to receive ships being scrapped and to transport recycled materials to customers.

“As a Louisiana company for 108 years, this is the place we want to do business, and we wanted to stay as close to New Orleans as possible,” Southern Recycling CEO Joel Dupré said.

According to Dupré, another key factor in the decision to remain in Louisiana was the support he received from the state’s congressional leaders. As the result of vigorous efforts on the part of Louisiana’s congressional delegation, the company will use federal Water Resources Development Act funds to help offset the cost of the project. The company also recently announced the return of its headquarters, including 25 corporate jobs, to downtown New Orleans.