Zero Waste Philippines launched — geared towards cheap green energy

Spectrum Blue Steel Corporation launched the Blueprint for Zero Waste Philippines with the signing of a memorandum of agreement with Morong, Rizal Mayor Joseph Buenaventura for the establishment of a pilot Biosphere Gasification Power Plant.

Morong, Rizal is a small town with a population of only 52,000 people and 10,000 households. It is the site of a forty-hectare sanitary landfill which takes almost 8,000 tons of garbage daily from cities in Metro Manila.

Ronald Shane Flynn, president of Spectrum Blue Steel Corporation, announced that initially, a 1,200 MSW Biosphere facility shall be installed, generating approximately 600 to 700 MW of green energy per day. The generated green energy shall be sold to electric distribution cooperatives at lower prices.

That indigenous source of energy is fast gaining attention from the Arroyo administration and with local executives nationwide.

Flynn has committed to facilitate Philippines’ energy sectors transition to a sustainable system with renewable energy as an increasingly prominent viable and competitive fuel option.

The Biosphere process is a gasification which was developed by Dr. Chris McCormack. The process begins with waste delivered to the Biosphere Chamber being converted into clean combustible gas referred to as “syngas”. The syngas is used to produce electricity in a combined cycle gas/steam turbine. The heat generated can be used to produce electricity, to superheat steam or to heat boiler-feed water.