Call2recycle recognized by Basel Action Network

Call2Recycle, North America’s most successful rechargeable battery recycling program, announced that it has become the first program of its kind to be recognized as an e-Steward by the Basel Action Network (BAN). This voluntary recognition affirms that Call2Recycle has completed BAN’s initial audit and qualification requirements and is now in line to become one of the first independently audited, accredited and certified electronics recyclers in North America. The e-Stewards designation is given for electronics and battery recyclers that uphold the strictest standards for environmental safety and social responsibility.

BAN, a toxic trade and corporate responsibility watchdog, is named for the Basel Convention, an international treaty created to prevent the dumping of toxic waste from rich to poorer nations. In 1995 the Basel Convention passed a decision to prohibit the export of hazardous waste to developing countries. As a global organization, BAN works to prevent the global dumping of toxic e-waste and promotes responsible recycling here in North America. Call2Recycle will join a select group of e-Stewards recyclers whose collection and recycling process have been recognized by BAN, assuring that no toxic e-waste collected by these organizations is dumped in landfills or incinerators, exported to developing countries or sent to prison labor operations.

According to BAN, only 12.5 percent of discarded electronics products in the United States were collected for recycling in 2005, of which an estimated 80 percent was then exported to developing countries for processing. To generate support for the mounting crisis, BAN continually reports on the negative effect that the mismanagement and mishandling of e-waste has on the environment and society, most recently teaming with PBS’s “Frontline” and CBS’s “60 Minutes” news magazines to expose the deadly impacts of toxic electronics recycling operations in China and in Africa. BAN also uses its resources to create positive solutions, such as e-Stewards, and reward industry organizations that have taken steps to ensure the soundness of their waste management programs at all points in the process.

All of the rechargeable batteries collected through the program are recycled at various processing locations in North America and none of the broken-down material makes its way into landfills. Cell phones collected through the program are recycled or refurbished and resold when possible with proceeds benefiting select charities. The transport and recycling of used rechargeable batteries and cell phones collected through Call2Recycle are in accordance with the United States Department of Transportation, Transportation Canada, and the Universal Waste Rule.