Company to recycle foam cups donated to marathon

Lodi, California’s Dart Container is the sole provider of recyclable foam cups for a marathon event to take place in Lodi. Dart is contributing more than 6,000 cups and collecting the cups to be recycled at its plant in Lodi, where they accept used polystyrene foam products for recycling at no cost to the public. Foam is ground up, converted to plastic resin pellets and sold for reuse as an ingredient in non-food service products.

From the moment that competitors register to the time they cross the finish line, participants will enjoy water and other liquid refreshments from 100 percent recyclable foam cups, instead of wax-lined or paper products that cannot be recycled.

Polystyrene can be recycled by:

  • Depositing your foam in a sealed, clear bag.
  • Rinsing cups and containers to rid them of food.
  • No straws or lids.
  • No packaging peanuts.
  • Put shaped foam in a separate bag from your food service containers.

Dart’s products are made of foam polystyrene, a versatile plastic that includes cups, clamshells, plates, cutlery and more. Often improperly called “Styrofoam”, these products are recyclable and reusable.

The company is driving recycling efforts from its California manufacturing facilities in Lodi and Corona to workplaces across the state, and from its warehouse recycling centers to consumers’ homes in curbside recycling efforts, such as L.A.’s “New to Blue”.