Pennsylvania dump site survey results released

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) recognized PA CleanWays’ efforts to combat the illegal dumping of trash and littering by surveying, assessing and documenting illegal dump sites across Pennsylvania.

There are 4,159 illegal dumps identified in Pennsylvania to date.

PA CleanWays, is a non-profit organization that works to eliminate illegal dumping and littering, announced the latest survey results for Adams, Armstrong, Centre, Clarion, Forest, Franklin, Lackawanna, Lancaster, Perry, Montgomery, Snyder, Warren and Westmoreland counties and the City of Pittsburgh.

PA CleanWays began surveying illegal dump sites in 2005. To date, surveys in 37 counties have identified 4,159 dump sites containing an estimated 14,493 tons of trash. The organization’s goal is to survey the entire state by 2014.

Completed survey results have shown that illegal dumping is a problem in urban and rural areas. For example, 279 illegal dump sites were identified in the city of Pittsburgh, while 105 sites were found in rural Perry County. Dump sites have been identified in municipalities that have mandatory trash collection and recycling programs, and many sites are still active.

Last fall, DEP awarded PA CleanWays a $1 million grant to aid its efforts. In addition to identifying the sites, the organization is educating the public and raising awareness of illegal dumping.

In April, DEP announced the first Illegal Dump Cleanup program. Nearly $500,000 was granted to help clean up 350 sites in 31 counties, some of which were identified through the dump site surveys.