Tomra Pacific opens RePlanet recycling center

TOMRA Pacific Inc., a unit of Tomra of North America, a provider of advanced recycling solutions, announced that it will open its first RePlanet recycling center at Albertsons in Tustin, California. The RePlanet kiosk will help consumers in the city – a highly underserved market for recycling – gain access to beverage container recycling and California Redemption Value (CRV) cash.

The RePlanet center, a colorful kiosk that will sit in the parking lot, will house four bulk reverse vending machines (RVM) that consumers use to deposit their used containers. In return, consumers will receive vouchers to bring inside the Albertson’s store to redeem.

RVMs automate the process of collecting and sorting beverage containers by material and size. TOMRA’s patented recognition technology, Sure Return™, provides continuous video surveillance of inserted items, ensuring correct deposit refunds for consumers and accounting accuracy for the store.

TOMRA Pacific has over 440 RePlanet centers in California, and has recycled 3 billion containers in the state, 19 percent of the state total.