NRRA receives USDA grants

Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA) received official notification of a USDA Grant Award of $69,229 for educational outreach to transfer facilities and schools throughout New Hampshire and Vermont. Working in collaboration with the Association of Vermont Recyclers (AVR), NRRA will target communities that have not been contacted recently to bring them additional technical assistance.

In addition to the USDA Award, NRRA and AVR are joint recipients of $41,010, to support additional, dedicated, school “Community within the Community” educational programming throughout the twin state region. Included in this grant is support for two Northeast School Conferences to be held in the spring of 2011.

New Hampshire the Beautiful had previously awarded NRRA a $25,000 school program grant that has been used for the spring 2010 outreach program and culminated in an outpouring of over 110 school attendees at the first in the nation School Recycling Conference held on June 7, 2010 in Manchester as part of the NRRA 29th Annual Conference and Expo.

These awards, along with an earlier Charitable Foundation Grant of $4,500 will allow NRRA to increase its outreach efforts, increase data gathering and will assist NRRA in meeting its primary directive of regional recycling education and technical assistance.