Evolution Solar negotiates for solar farm project in Texas

Company management at Evolution Solar (EVSO) has begun negotiations on a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to facilitate a new, one-acre solar farm to be located in the City of Brookshire, Texas.

According to EVSO, this new project lead resulted from the success of their recently completed solar demonstration project which is also located in the City of Brookshire.

The new solar farm project is planned for construction in conjunction with a private development that is slated to add a new hotel, restaurant, strip center and retail store located on a 10-acre parcel in the city. In support of Mayor Vaughn’s green initiative, the project developer is planning to allocate a one-acre parcel of land for a solar farm project. The plans call for the city and developer to work with EVSO to research the feasibility, design, construct and source possible finance options. EVSO is being tasked by the private developer and the City of Brookshire to bring the project to fruition.