EPROs recycled product competition selection begins

Now in its third year, European Association of Plastics Recycling and Recovery Organizations (EPRO) Best Recycled Product Competition looks to further raise the awareness, profile and use of products made from recycled plastics packaging.

Full details of how to enter this year’s competition and the previous winners can be found here.

With the growing calls from the industry, consumers and environment to capture more plastics packaging for collection and recycling the opportunity has never been greater for those designing and manufacturing products made from recycled plastic to step forward and showcase their products.

EPRO invites producers of products made from recycled plastics packaging to enter, with the aim of promoting the cycle of plastics, as well as increase the request for recyclables.

The competition provides both the industry and consumers with the opportunity to see the results of that work. This year the competition aims to make the entries more visible by using social networks and a broader media. It is hoped that more consumers will also see how the industry demonstrates their work in the area of corporate social responsibility, and to understand the scope of their environmentally friendly actions.

Consumers across Europe want to continue their good habits and to broaden their “green” attitude and actions towards purchasing recycled products. Following such responses, EPRO is now calling for recycled products made in Europe.

Hundreds of thousands of tons of recycled plastics are annually being used as material for new products.

EPROS‘s Best Recycled Product Competition focuses on some key criteria: The entries need to contain a substantial amount of recycled plastics from used packaging, be available to purchase and of course, have been made in Europe, including Turkey.

There are already a broad range of recycled products on the market, but this competition will bring the knowledge of them to the average consumer who weekly spends time sorting used packaging. These products are evidence that recycling really is worth the effort.

A panel consisting of representatives of PlasticsEurope, EUPR and EUPC and of course EPRO members from all over Europe will assess the entries and proclaim a winner. Winners will be announced in October 2011 at the Identiplast 2011 in Madrid, the central theme of the 2011 Congress is “Identifying drivers to avoid wasting plastics in landfills”.