Removal effort proceeds at Maine junkyard

On August 1, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began an effort to remove hazardous materials from the Lucas Enterprises site, in Vassalboro, Maine. The removal project is expected to take approximately four to six weeks.

The Lucas Enterprises facility is currently a 3.5 acre inactive automotive junkyard. An EPA site investigation of the property revealed that the surface soils on the premises are contaminated with lead and volatile organic compound (VOCs). Due to the proximity of this facility to 17 neighboring residences, EPA will remove the contaminated soil and return clean fill to the areas that are disturbed. The hazardous soil collected will be disposed of at an offsite facility certified to handle contaminated material.

In addition, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection will be hiring a contractor to remove tires from the property, and will test nearby drinking water wells to confirm that the water is safe for consumption.