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Georgia Power boosts fridge recycling incentive to $50

Georgia Power’s EarthCents® Refrigerator Recycling Program has increased its incentive for recycling old refrigerators and freezers from $35 to $50.

The program gives Georgia Power customers with second working refrigerators and freezers a quick, convenient and effective way to conserve energy and save money on their electric bills. Older refrigerators and freezers, often kept in garages and basements, can use as much as four times more energy than the newer Energy Star models.

An estimated 235,000 secondary refrigerators around the state are more than 10 years old and predate higher energy efficiency standards set for new models. Customers who remove these inefficient appliances from their home can save up to $150 a year in electricity costs.

Customers who have older, energy-wasting refrigerators or freezers that are still in working condition can contact Georgia Power to arrange a free in-home pickup and receive $50 cash back.

The old units are removed and recycled in an environmentally friendly way.