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Peña’s Disposal Service wins C&D recycling award

Peña’s Disposal’s operation in Cutler is a material recovery facility.

The California Resource Recovery Association said that Peña’s Disposal Service has been chosen as the 2012 winner in the statewide “Outstanding Construction & Demolition Debris Diversion” category.

Peña’s Disposal Services, Inc. was awarded the contract to handle construction and demolition recycling for Tulare County and seven of its incorporated cities in 2011. Under the previous hauler, the recycling rate was 56 percent. In the first 3 months of the new contract under Peña’s, the rate jumped to 82 percent. Today, the average remains 82 percent, with a 1-month record high of 89 percent.

More recycling means less construction material filling Tulare County’s landfills, and more materials available to recycle. Because of the C&D contract with Tulare County, Peña’s Disposal was able to add 25 jobs for Tulare County residents, according to company vice president Art Peña.

“This kind of improvement in recycling was noticed in Sacramento and Peña’s is honored to be recognized,” Peña said. “We are a small, family-owned, company competing with national companies. But the accomplishment of our staff is really remarkable. We are pleased to do our part to get Tulare County closer to the state’s overall rate for diverting waste from the waste stream and into recycling.”

The notification letter from the California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA) noted that the awards committee “was impressed by the sustained increase in diversion provided for C&D materials in Tulare County.” The award will be presented during the annual CRRA Statewide Conference and Tradeshow in Oakland.

Peña’s Disposal’s operation in Cutler is a Material Recovery Facility and a one-stop resource for recycling household hazardous waste, green waste, e-waste and construction and demolition waste, as well as CRV buy-back.

The family–owned company provides curbside waste pickup in unincorporated areas of Tulare and Fresno counties and customized commercial recycling services to help businesses meet the new state mandates.