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UK mobile phone recycling company now in Slovakia

Redeem Ltd., a company specializing in recycling solutions for mobile network operators has extended its mobile phone re-sales and recycling partnership with O2 (Telefonica UK) into Slovakia.

In introducing the first ‘new for old’ mobile phone recycling initiative in Slovakia, Redeem is building its European platform on its existing partnership with O2.

Under the value recycling scheme, customers of O2 (TelefónicaSlovakia) can trade-in their old mobiles in exchange for store credit in the form of an electronic voucher which can be spent at any O2 store in Slovakia. This will give them money off their choice of new phone or accessories. The amount of credit offered for each old handset is determined by Redeem’s market-leading competitive pricing system. The credit voucher is valid for three months and may be combined with other special offers and discounts. Vouchers can also be combined to buy one or more new phones.

In addition to offering customers the in-store trade-in facility, O2 in partnership with Redeem, will provide customers with the opportunity to buy refurbished handsets (including smartphones) at very competitive prices. This is the first time that fully refurbished phones have been offered through a major mobile network operator in Slovakia. All refurbished phones are sold under guarantee, having been fully restored by Redeem’s trained experts to original factory settings and data-wiped to US government standards.

The scheme is promoted by substantial local TV advertising and social media campaigns on Facebook and Twitter.

Other opportunities for mobile phone operators to increase handset recycling also exist.

Redeem’s executive chairman, Trevor Bayley said, “Millions of phones are upgraded each year in Europe, but only around 10 percent are recycled. The recycling market is nascent in Slovakia and only around 12,000 mobile phones a year were being recycled before this initiative. We estimate that, in a population of 5.5 million, there are 6.5 million mobile devices when you allow for tablets, plus most people retain at least one old phone as a spare. We believe there is a huge opportunity for mobile operators to lead the way, meet their obligations under the WEEE directive and boost their business. We aim to be in the global vanguard of that recycling drive.”

Redeem has led innovations in mobile phone recycling solutions with mobile operators for 12 years, managing their international recycling services for business, consumer and wholesale customers. Redeem now manages the largest mobile operator recycling program in Europe, with centers in UK, Europe and Asia. It has also set up global partnerships to extract maximum value from recycled digital goods.