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Recycling increases at Oregon’s Hillsboro ballpark

GreenDrop Recycling Station at the new Hillsboro, Oregon ballpark allows guests to dispose of waste within specific waste streams at one orderly stop.

GreenDrop Recycling Stations are an important part of the recycling program at the Hillsboro Ballpark.

The City of Hillsboro Parks & Recreation Department owns and operates the operations at the Gordon Faber Recreation Complex where Hillsboro Ballpark is located. As part of the city’s environmental and sustainability programs, they have partnered with Garbarino Disposal Services to increase recycling efforts and decrease the amount of waste going to landfills. The City of Hillsboro and Garbarino have selected the GreenDrop Stations from Pacific Cascade Corporation to assist with the recycling program at Hillsboro Ballpark.

GreenDrop Recycling Stations reduce landfill contributions by users easily self-sorting recyclable and compostable items out of the landfill waste stream.

The unique GreenDrop Recycling Station was designed through multi-year efforts of the Portland Trail Blazers head office and the Rose Garden Arena. The arena’s landfill diversion rate increased from 38 percent in 2007 to 90 percent in 2012, in part by replacing old-style garbage cans with GreenDrop Recycling Stations. GreenDrop stations reduce landfill contributions by visually guiding users to properly dispose recyclable items.