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Call2Recycle to collect and recycle batteries in New York

Call2Recycle was approved as the first battery recycling plan in New York by the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). The New York State Rechargeable Battery Act, signed into law on December 10, 2010 by former Governor George Paterson, requires manufacturers of select rechargeable batteries to collect and recycle the batteries statewide in a manufacturer-funded program at no cost to consumers.

“Call2Recycle has served as the voluntary program in New York since 1996, and with this formal approval by the DEC, a shared responsibility approach to recycling batteries is confirmed. We look forward to continuing our efforts across the State,” said Carl Smith, chief executive officer & president of Call2Recycle.

In addition to the manufacturer-responsibility, it is illegal for any resident in the state of New York to dispose of rechargeable batteries in their regular household trash. Call2Recycle provides a network of collection locations throughout the state of New York, as well as nationwide, where residents can recycle their used rechargeable batteries at no cost. Retailers that sell rechargeable batteries are required to accept used rechargeable batteries from consumers during normal business hours, and post signs informing consumers that a program is available at their location.