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Progressive Waste Solutions encourages dumpster diving

Progressive Waste Solutions (formally IESI Corporation) helped North Texans beat the summer heat as “Heat Wave” sponsor for a community event in Dallas’ Design District.

Progressive Waste Solutions provided a one-of-a-kind double dumpster pool designed specifically for Design District Market at Dallas Contemporary in August.

As temperatures topped 100° at the indoor/outdoor all-day event, the most popular attraction was the Progressive Waste Solutions Double Dumpster Pool. Guests enjoyed live music from local bands as they chilled out in the pool, made from two 20-yard commercial containers joined in an L-shape by a swim-up bar and complete with a pool deck, lounge area, lifeguard stations and a full-filtration system. Custom liners were installed in the pool, and holes were drilled in the walls of the containers for umbrellas. The Dallas Fire Department tapped into a nearby hydrant to fill each dumpster. In keeping with the event’s artistic focus, Progressive Waste Solutions partnered with Dallas street art collective Sour Grapes and local artist Sharon van Antwerpen to paint the pool with a creative version of the company’s logo. Cutting Edge Pool and Patio of Anna, Texas, built the pool.

The concept of the Double Dumpster Pool created a wave of positive media coverage for Progressive Waste Solutions, with the Dallas Observer calling it “the classiest dumpster you’ll ever dive in” and the Dallas Morning News running a large photo of the logoed pool under the headline “Dumpster Diving in the Design District.”

“The Dumpster pool was a creative – and cool – way to support an important local arts program,” said John Gustafson, vice president of Progressive Waste’s south central region.