Equipment Spotlight Feature Article   Waste Containers

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Manufacturer List

Ameri-Kart Corp
Doug Eck

Bomac Carts
Melissa Dean

Busch Systems
Serena Brooks

Cascade Cart Solutions
Gloria Reidt

Conshohocken Steel Products
Shelly Brown

E-Pak Manufacturing, LLC
Kyle Schlabach

Penny Lamarre

Haul-All Equipment Ltd.
Twyla Gurr

Otto Environmental Systems North America, Inc.
Chris Sauritch

Terry Hill

Rehrig Pacific Company
Bill Bloch

Stone Valley Container
Steve Stoltzfus

T.M. Fitzgerald and Associates
Ginger Lipford

Amanda Maeyaert

Whether one is managing waste or recyclables, there is typically a need to contain material in some manner for ease of storage or transportation.

Containers made by E-Pak Manufacturing include but are not limited to applications such as garbage disposal, recyclables, construction/demolition debris, landscaping debris and materials, and light duty scrap hauling.

“Our waste roll-off containers are extremely versatile and we continue to evolve in our manufacturing processes via our focus on quality, service and performance. Vertical integration in the manufacturing process has allowed us to engineer waste roll-off containers from the ground up. The result is a lightweight container with reinforcement in critical areas, which allows for maximum payload and longevity for the container. Typical capacities range from 10 to 40 yards, but can be custom built to meet specific applications. Products are available in tub style or rectangular, open top designs,” said Kyle Schlabach, sales manager.

E-Pak Manufacturing, LLC

E-Pak began as a custom metal fabrication shop in 1981 and has evolved into a “premiere manufacturer of steel roll-off containers, trailers and hoppers, within the waste and scrap industries. The backbone of each product is the quality and workmanship we put into each item shipped from the factory. We continuously work with customers to answer questions, provide innovative solutions, and help develop products to meet their individual needs. Dedication to this process allows us to provide quick turnaround times and delivery. All of this, coupled with a competitive price, makes E-Pak a performance leader,” Schlabach stated.

Otto Environmental Systems offers customers a full-circle approach in container activity management, whether for the solid waste or recycling industries. The firm manufactures, assembles, distributes, recycles, maintains and manages containers. “We’ve noticed an uptick in activity surrounding single stream recycling, organic waste collection and material recovery facilities,” Don Groseclose, vice president of product sales, commented.

Their most popular residential Edge container is available in 65 and 95 gallon sizes and is well-suited for recycling, organic and general waste streams. Groseclose said the 95 gallon Millennium product is convenient to load, increases visibility over the top of the cart, and is easy to control. The 35 gallon product is named Evolution and the Classic size container holds 32 gallons of material. Otto recycling bins are available in 14 and 18 gallon sizes. The 18 gallon option has a standard, black, snap-on lid made of HDPE plastic that is durable, yet lightweight.

Commercial container options include Otto’s hybrid plastic and steel products, which work well with recycling, organic and general waste streams. The Pioneer is a two yard, front load type and weighs one third less than same size metal containers. The Triumph can be ordered in one to six, or eight yard sizes, and coated steel pocket guides are standard on all front load models for added protection during fork entry. The SteeLite product offers two to four yard front load configurations and a two yard rear load type. All have a plastic molded body, surrounded by a steel frame. Specialty products are available for document security and medical waste and litter containment.

Otto Environmental Systems

Otto also offers container services for the delivery, management and recycling of containers. This may include assistance with assembly, distribution and recovery, container logistics and maintenance, route auditing, inventory management, container rebranding and evaluation and even plastic recycling programs.

Otto manages residential cart fleets for municipalities and trash haulers. The cart management services encompass activities like assembly and distribution for cart roll-out projects, container maintenance programs, route auditing, and used cart reclaim and disposal. Otto’s roll-out carts follow ANSI requirements and pass all ANSI tests. “We are proud of our recently introduced ColorFUSE™! branding technology for cart bases and lids, which accommodates the use of multiple colors. This is perfect for customers who want to maintain their brand ID colors, or who seek to stand out in a white foil world. Applications include: base stamps, lid stamps, lid labels (subject to graphics review) and barcoding,” Groseclose noted.


Wastequip manufactures a variety of containers for many different industries and applications including front loads, rear loads, side loads, roll-offs, hoppers, scrap bins and environmental containers. “Few companies offer the breadth of products that Wastequip offers. In addition to our core products, we also design and manufacture specialty containers for organics, used food grease, hazardous waste, clothing recycling and more. Our dedicated product managers and engineers give us the expertise to customize containers for any application. Also, our multiple manufacturing facilities allow us to maintain inventory in strategic locations to quickly respond to customer needs,” explained Amanda Maeyaert, product manager, containers.

As an example, she cited the uniqueness of their grease vault container, which has a patent-pending lid designed to reduce theft through the use of a grate with a shielded lock and a bolt-in design. The lid is also designed so there are no edges to be pried open. The container was developed with input from grease haulers who are experiencing increased thefts as the demand for alternative fuels rises.

Wastequip products are used by waste haulers, municipalities, scrap processors, construction contractors, environmental remediation companies, manufacturers, grocery stores and retailers, among others. Their most popular containers are front loads, roll-offs and environmental containers. Formed in 1989 through a series of acquisitions, some of the companies acquired have been in business since 1945.

Maeyaert said, “We’ve seen tremendous growth in organics recycling as municipalities around the country continue to implement organic waste disposal regulations. Customers are looking for new and innovative solutions for handling organic waste and other recyclables. We’re uniquely positioned to work directly with customers to modify existing product or to develop new solutions for any type of waste or recyclable, which sets us apart from smaller manufacturers.”

She commented that Wastequip is also positioned to quickly respond to customer needs when natural disasters strike. “We have several container facilities throughout North America, which allows us to scale capacity quickly to provide priority production scheduling for customers who require roll-offs and other containers for clean-up following hurricanes, floods or other natural disasters,” Maeyaert stated.