ATG Awarded Rocky Flats Waste-processing Contract

Hayward, CA - ATG Inc., a provider of low-level radioactive and low-level mixed waste treatment services with processing facilities located in Washington and Tennessee, announced the award of a major waste processing contract by Kaiser-Hill, the managing contractor of the DOE's retired weapons manufacturing site at Rocky Flats, Golden, Colorado.

ATG is a member of the management team represented by Clean Horizons LLC, which was awarded this contract.

The Rocky Flats site is one of the most important clean-up sites for the Department of Energy. There are thousands of cubic meters of legacy, operations and demolition waste in the low-level radioactive waste and low-level mixed waste (LLMW) categories that require treatment, packaging, shipment and disposal to support the timely closure of Rocky Flats. More than 30 percent of the estimated $4 billion closure cost of the Rocky Flats site is expected to cover waste management, waste processing and waste disposal activities.

"The five-year contract award represents an important win for ATG. Nearly 150 buildings are located on the 6,000-acre site, many containing significant quantities of radioactive waste, need to be demolished and disposed of. That represents a huge challenge for the site and represents a great opportunity for us," said Vik Mani, the company's chief operations manager. "The company is uniquely positioned to support Kaiser-Hill in meeting this challenge." ATG is the only waste processing company in the country that is licensed and permitted to thermally treat several categories of LLMW at Rocky Flats and at other DOE sites.

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