Best Buy Kicks Off Electronics Recycling Program at Minnesota Store

A Best Buy employee in Minnesota wraps a pallet of computer monitors that were collected during the company's first electronics recycling collection held at its Twin Cities stores in August. The company will hold similar collections at it stores throughout the United States.

Minneapolis, MN - Recycling events at two Twin Cities-based Best Buy stores on August 3 and 4, offered consumers the first opportunity to dispose of unwanted or outdated electronics in a new recycling program offered by the company. Similar events will be held at select Best Buy stores across the country this fall. Best Buy also will provide shoppers nationwide with an educational brochure about environmental issues connected to electronics and other recycling opportunities in their area.

Nearly 900 people participated by bringing their unwanted electronics equipment to these two Minnesota stores. Enough obsolete computers, monitors, televisions, VCRs and other electronic items to fill three 53-foot trailers and an additional 42 yard roll-off container.

Mike Linton, Best Buy Senior VP of Strategic Marketing, announced the Best Buy recycling program at a luncheon of the Fourth Electronics Product Recovery and Recycling (EPR2) Conference earlier this year. "We're all in this together, because completing the recycling loop is everyone's responsibility," said Linton. "This is a topic of great importance to Best Buy customers. That's why we're responding with a simple, fun and convenient way to recycle obsolete electronic items with a system that protects the environment at the same time."

The Best Buy recycling program allows consumers to drop off old and unwanted computers, monitors, televisions, VCR's and other electronic items at specific Best Buy stores during special collection weekends. A handling fee will be charged for each discarded item. Recycling companies will be contracted by Best Buy to carry out the recycling services. Best Buy will launch the program in selected states this summer and plans to expand into additional Best Buy communities over the next several years. Best Buy will also provide consumers with educational information about energy conservation practices, environmental issues and other recycling opportunities in their area.

Currently, Best Buy is securing manufacturing, recycling and governmental partnerships. Together, they will establish a program that ensures an easy and accessible recycling experience for the public while effectively meeting all local, state and federal regulations and requirements. Best Buy has arranged for e4 Partners, a Minneapolis-based environmental strategy firm, to plan and coordinate the recycling events. Panasonic, which recently received a third consecutive ENERGY STARé Partner of the Year award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy, is the first manufacturer and Best Buy vendor to commit financial support to the initiative.

Future recycling collection events through the end of this year include collections at stores in Boston, Massachusetts; Cook County, Illinois; Washington, DC; New Jersey; Seattle, Washington, and California and Florida.

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