BIR and The Nickel Development Institute Tighten Cooperation

The Bureau of International Recycling BIR and the London-based Nickel Development Institute NiDI have decided to tighten their contacts and to envisage a closer cooperation in the field of nickel recycling.

This initiative was prompted by the recent publication of a special Recycling page on NiDI's website which gives specific information on various aspects of nickel recycling. In a letter to Dr. Ivor Kirman, President of NiDI, BIR President Barry Hunter comments: "I believe both our organizations share a common goal of increasing awareness of the value of recycling. Clearly your presentation on recycling reflects this effort and elaborates on the fact that secondary products should not, and cannot, be considered as waste."

BIR members companies involved in the recycling of stainless steel and special alloys are encouraged to visit NiDI's website to broaden their knowledge on the latest developments in the nickel sector and to give their input with regards to nickel recycling.

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