Campaign Encourages Youth to Look at Demolition Careers

Doylestown, PA - The National Association of Demolition Contractors (NADC) has launched a campaign to encourage young people to consider the advantages of choosing the demolition industry as a career choice.

"The NADC receives daily inquiries from students who are interested in learning more about our fascinating business," said Michael R. Taylor, NADC executive director. "Since the curiosity level is so high, we developed a program to educate students about what is involved in being a demolition contractor and why it's a great way to make a living. Studies have shown that the job satisfaction rating among demolition contractors is one of the highest in American industry."

To reach this new crop of prospective demolition specialists, the NADC is reaching out initially to universities with schools specializing in construction management.

"With the construction industry also targeting engineering and construction management majors in college, the demolition industry saw it was important to set itself apart as a unique career path," said Mr. Taylor.

The NADC executive directory and other demolition contractors will travel across the country to address students about the $3.5 billion industry that comprises approximately 1,000 contractors nationwide. In addition, the NADC has developed a booklet for students on building their future in demolition, which will be made available to universities' schools of engineering and construction manage-ment and their job recruitment offices.

A new student membership category will be created at NADC. Student members will receive a number of benefits and will be welcomed at the NADC's annual convention.

Brochure Dispels Myths On Demolition Industry

Demolition contractors find that widespread misconceptions persist about their industry and the kinds of work they do. Do demolition contractors primarily implode or "blow up" buildings? Do they recycle materials or deliver everything to landfills? These and other questions can be answered in the booklet "10 Common Misconceptions About the Demolition Industry," available free from the National Association of Demolition Contractors.

The full-color, 16-page brochure .sets the record straight, facing such misconceptions head-on as: contractors destroy many structures that should be saved; contractors overcrowd landfills; demolition is a dangerous business; demolition is simply a matter of knocking down buildings.

The list of misunderstandings was compiled from a survey of demolition contractors themselves who encounter a frustrating lack of knowledge about their industry on the part of many people, even government regulators. The free brochure is available by writing to the NADC at 16 N. Franklin St., Doylestown, PA, 18901; by calling 800-541-2412 or 215-348-4949; by faxing a request to 215-348-8422; or by sending an e-mail to or

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