Nxtcycle Initiates a Shared Responsibility Electronics Recycling Program

Phoenix, AZ - Nxtcycle, a leading recycler of electronic products, has initiated its "Electronics Recycling SharedResponsibilityTM Program."

The program brings consumers, municipalities, retailers and electronics manufacturers together to share in the overall responsibility to properly manage, reuse and process obsolete or unwanted consumer electronic products. The program emphasizes proper management of televisions, computers and computer monitors.

Leading electronics manufacturers— Panasonic, Sharp and Sony— have joined with Nxtcycle in this effort by underwriting the costs of recycling their branded products at a variety of one-time and ongoing collection efforts in California, Idaho, Utah and other states.

The program helps solve the problem of what to do with end-of-life electronics. This emerging recycling effort promotes a self-sustaining consumer electronics recycling model. In addition, by recycling as many products as possible and using the separated resources in new products, the SharedResponsibility Program returns valuable resources back to the production process and reduces demand for virgin raw material.

Recognizing that numerous parties have a responsibility to properly manage end-of-life electronic products, Nxtcycle's SharedResponsibility Program will facilitate cost-effective, environmentally-conscious solutions to the growing need for an electronics recycling system.

Nxtcycle's SharedResponsibility Program involves a wide variety of parties and recycling options. These include: participating electronics manufacturers who will subsidize the processing fees of their respective branded products brought to collection sites by consumers; municipalities that organize collection events or sponsor drop-off opportunities at waste processing and management facilities; and consumers who may be asked to pay a modest fee for collection and transportation. Fees for non-participating brands would be higher.