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Ohio Awards Recycling Market Development Grants

Columbus, OH - The Ohio Department of Recycling and Litter Prevention (DRLP) has announced $378,500 in grant awards to five Ohio businesses to help develop stronger markets for Ohio-recycled post-consumer plastic and glass.

Companies in Akron and Dayton, as well as Coshocton, Holmes and Wyandot counties, were awarded grants for 2002. Together, they have pledged over $1.1 million in matching funds for their projects. Ohio companies work with their local solid waste management office to apply for the grants.

The Recycling Market Development Grant (RMDG) program has been one of DRLP's most successful projects, helping establish markets for paper and cardboard as well as plastic and glass over the years.

RMDG grants have focused on these materials because the initial cost for integrating recycled feed stock into a production line often exceeds the short-term economic benefits of using recycled materials.

Since 1994, DRLP has awarded approximately $5 million market development grants. In 2002, the program was expanded; nearly $1.5 million in RMDG funding has been awarded this year.

Recycling Market Development Grants are designed to help create self-sustaining markets for recycled material by helping businesses meet the startup costs for incorporating recycled material into their production process.

RMDG grants can be used to help cover the costs of research and new equipment purchases.