California Cities and Counties Receive Used Oil Management Funding

Long Beach, CA - The California Integrated Waste Management Board has made more than $11.4 million available to local governmental agencies to reduce risks associated with mismanaged used oil. The money will support the used oil collection and recycling efforts of more than 500 city and county governmental agencies, serving 95 percent of the state's population.

"Old motor oil poured down street drains or dumped on the ground has the potential for more widespread environmental contamination in California than the 1989 Exxon Valdez tragedy, which spilled 11 million gallons of oil into Prince William Sound," said Waste Board Chair Linda Moulton-Patterson. "Hopefully, this money will help to plug the leaks in our used oil collection system."

In California, nearly 20 million gallons of the 150 million gallons of lubricating oil sold annually are disposed of in an undetermined manner. The funds come from a 16-cent State surcharge levied on oil manufacturers for each new gallon of lubricating oil sold in California and are allocated to cities and counties annually with the award amounts determined on a per capita basis.

To qualify for the money, a jurisdiction must submit a completed application to the Waste Board by December 1, 2001; have properly documented expenditures from previous grant cycles; and reimbursed the Waste Board any unspent funds owed from past used oil block grants. Grantees will have up to three years in which to spend the funds. See A list of jurisdictions that received funds is also at this site.

Cities and counties can use the money to set up and maintain used oil and oil filter collection centers and events for residents, provide public education and outreach efforts, develop regional programs with other jurisdictions to boost the collective effectiveness of used oil and used oil filter recycling operations, and establish partnerships with private nonprofit and other governmental organizations to leverage additional funds and resources.

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