US DOC Imposes Anti-dumping Duties on Some Stainless Steel Bar Imports

Washington, DC - A preliminary determination announced by the Commerce Department found that stainless steel bar from five countries is being sold in the U.S. market by as much as 126 percent below fair value and set anti-dumping duties ranging up to that amount, according to a spokesman for the industry.

Specifically, Commerce Department set anti-dumping duties ranging up to 28 percent on products from France; 21 percent on products from Germany; 33 percent on products from Italy; 10 percent on products from South Korea; and 126 percent on products from the United Kingdom.

The preliminary duties are subject to verification by the Commerce Department. Final antidumping duties, which will be announced later this year and will go into effect if the independent International Trade Commission (ITC) concludes that the U.S. industry is being injured by the imports, may be higher if the data submitted by the foreign producers cannot be verified. In the interim, importers must post bonds to assure payment of the antidumping duties.

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