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October 2004

RADAC Focuses on Aftermarket Demand for Brazed Copper-Brass Products

New York— RADAC, a manufacturer of heat exchangers for the commercial and industrial aftermarket, recently became the first company to make plate-fin radiators using the CuproBraze process. RADAC sells to radiator shops, end-users and distributors.

CuproBraze®, a new type of controlled atmosphere brazing (CAB), eliminates subsequent rinsing and water treatment steps, avoiding strong fluxes such as are required in aluminum brazing. What’s more, it is economical enough for mass production.

RADAC was among the first to pay heed to early announcements of the CuproBraze technology. “The idea of brazing rather than soldering copper and brass together had tremendous appeal to us,” says James E. Cornwell, vice president of manufacturing. “Our customers indicated they would be interested in CuproBraze products if we could make them,” he adds.

The challenge was that RADAC needed a CuproBraze production line that would meet its requirements for flexible manufacturing of all types and styles of cores. The company contacted an expert in furnace design and brazing. The result was a unique controlled-atmosphere brazing (CAB) batch furnace that can braze heat-exchanger cores with length-by-width dimensions as large as 65 in. x 65in. (1.65 m x 1.65 m).

RADAC has 17 different tube-to-fin configurations with many options available for customizing any product to fit a customer’s application. According to Cornwell, the company is receiving requests from customers for CuproBraze in practically every product category, including construction equipment, forklifts, commercial trucks and power generators. For technical information, contact the International Copper Association, (212) 251-7245.

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