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October 2004

Recycling of Wood Waste After Hurricanes Offsets Damage Costs

Huntington, NY— Green Energy Resources, Inc. a bio-energy supply company that sells biomass wood products reports it has called upon the Florida Governors office, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) SEMA (State Emergency Management Agencies) and State Secretary’s Offices, to process Hurricane Charley tree damage and fallen branches into woodchip form. The traditional disposal methods are to dump and burn the wood waste. Hurricane Charley will cost Florida at least $15 billion, according to preliminary damage reports. Chipping, rather than dumping, turns the storm-damaged wood into a marketable commodity.

“Proceeds of the product sales can be recouped by Florida, the counties and towns and directly benefit taxpayers. The woodchips can be used as a renewable energy resource (green energy) and can benefit the state economy, in the form of export shipments. Green Energy Resources has pledged to purchase at least one million tons of the woodchips, returning millions of dollars back to local communities” stated Green Energy CEO Joseph Murray.

Storm damaged wood, as a biomass commodity, conforms with the strict standards of the UTCS environmental certification system, and is compliant with the Kyoto protocol guidelines. Green Energy Resources is a national and international supplier and distributor of wood fiber fuels and has established a woodchip commodity standard. Green Energy Resources only utilizes 100% environmentally certified wood .The wood product recovered from the storms guarantees power plant operators the product burned in co-firing, or direct burn power plants, are eligible to receive the “Green Certificates” necessary for renewable energy criteria.

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