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October 2004

RE:NEW Modular Recycling Units Incorporate Outdoor Advertising Capabilities

Clearwater, FL— BlastGard International, Inc. announced that it has entered into an exclusive license agreement with Media Metrica Ltd. for the use of BlastGard’s BlastWrap(TM) product inside Media Metrica’s RE:NEW modular recycling units. Media Metrica has created an innovative on-street product that combines recycling and outdoor advertising. This product will spearhead recycling in urban centers and, simultaneously, act as a premium outdoor advertising platform. With security becoming an ever-growing concern in urban centers across the globe, BlastGard and Media Metrica are working jointly on these new proprietary modular units that will mitigate the effects of an explosion within the units, and suppress the principal hazards of blast, fragmentation, heat, flash and fireball.

The RE:NEW system will be manufactured, transported, installed, cleaned, maintained, insured and repaired by Media Metrica for clients free of charge, in return for the right to manage the back-lit information panels that house the recycling units. The demand for RE:NEW is driven by the increasing statutory recycling targets in the United Kingdom and is further driven by the shift in the outdoor advertising market toward “pedestrianized” areas in major urban centers - a segment accounting for the fastest growth in the media market in the UK.

With BlastWrap’s mitigating capabilities, Media Metrica is aiming to develop an Urban Network across the UK, working with customers in the local authority, transport and private sectors. RE:NEW will be targeted at areas of high-pedestrian footfall, including transport interchanges such as tube/train stations, bus terminals and airports, as well as private sector locations such as major supermarkets and business parks.

Kaveh Memari, one of the founders of Media Metrica, said, “Our goal at Media Metrica was to find a solution that at the same time provided a cost-effective way of helping tackle urban centers’ growing waste and recycling problem, while delivering the highest standards of safety on the ground. Our alignment with BlastGard International has been critical in achieving that goal. The legacy of the IRA and other terrorist activities mean that, at present, London has few on-street recycling facilities available, particularly in transport interchanges. Since 9/11, this has become a much wider issue. Whether in Madrid, New York, Tokyo, Paris, or London, the political dynamics may be different, but the threat is ever-present. By utilizing BlastGard’s BlastWrap mitigation capabilities, RE:NEW will now allow authorities around the world to restore the balance, putting the pedestrian and their quality of life first.”

Mr. Memari continued, “The 400 million tons of rubbish produced in the UK each year represents one of the country’s main strategic environmental challenges. London alone produces enough litter to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool every four hours. With pressure from the EU growing, Downing Street has warned that the UK faces fines of GBP 500,000 a day if EU rules on landfill sites are not met by 2008. What makes RE:NEW truly different is the opportunity it provides to environmentally-aware brands to help finance the regeneration of our cities in a way that also benefits their reputation and standing. RE:NEW will provide the UK’s media market with a truly innovative advertising platform, while offering local authorities an unprecedented solution to the challenge of on-street litter recovery and recycling free of charge.”

BlastGard CEO Jim Gordon said, “This agreement represents the latest achievement in maximizing the value of our technology and know-how. This is a truly intelligent commercial application. BlastWrap’s powerful, flexible and scalable product capabilities allow customers to meet their pricing, performance and time-to-market requirements by addressing their blast and fire mitigation needs with one easy to use technology that minimizes the need for costly and often cumbersome hardening requirements for their end product. We are excited to be working with Media Metrica on the international launch of this exciting new product. Per the agreement, the fulfillment of the initial order of blast mitigated RE:NEW modular recycling units in 2005 will generate revenue in excess of $6 million for BlastGard.”

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