October 2005

Alternatives to soaring energy prices offered

Poughkeepsie, NY— With gas and oil prices spiraling out of control and old man winter fast approaching, Norki Energy Systems of Poughkeepsie, New York, is offering an alternative heating system to businesses that generate used oil.

Norki Energy supplies state-of-the-art Black Gold Waste oil furnaces and boilers (by EnergyLogic) that allows used oil to be recycled into heat or hot water in a clean, energy efficient and environmentally friendly way. Ideal for businesses that create used oil, a waste oil heating system such as Black Gold can potentially save thousands of dollars in heating bills each year, significantly reducing or completely eliminating the expense of gas or oil heat altogether.

“It’s common for our customers to report a 70% to 100% reduction in their fuel bills,” says Norki Energy Systems president Bob Seligman. “Most customers tell us it’s the best purchase they’ve ever made with the return on investment taking as little as six months.”

Black Gold burns used oil with virtually no hydrocarbon emissions, making it the cleanest burning and most efficient system on the market.

For additional information, visit www.norki.com.

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