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October 2006


Consumer product earns Zerofootprint seal

Manufacturing process has no negative environmental impact

Trenton, NJ— TerraCycle Plant Food™ has become the first consumer product to earn the Zerofootprint™ seal. The seal signifies that the materials and manufacturing process used to produce a product have virtually no negative environmental repercussions.

Zerofootprint™ Inc. is a not-for-profit that seeks to help people and businesses reduce their effect on the environment.


The Zerofootprint™ seal is issued through the organization’s innovative offsetting program, which accounts for the environmental impact of a given product or service, seeks to reduce this impact through conservation and recycling efforts and then offsets the remaining impacts through natural resource restoration and carbon offsetting.

TerraCycle Plant Food is made by feeding premium organic waste to millions of worms, liquefying their ‘poop’ and packaging the brew in a used soda bottle. Since the production process actually consumes waste – organic waste and used soda bottles – and since the product itself is all natural, TerraCycle’s overall environmental ‘footprint’ is nearly ‘net zero.’

TerraCycle obtains thousands of used soda bottles from its Bottle Brigade campaign. That program pays schools, churches, charities and other non-profit organizations to collect used bottles. More than 1,300 organizations throughout North America are registered Bottle Brigade collection points.

TerraCycle also collects used soda bottles at stores that carry the company’s EcoPallet display unit. The EcoPallet features a box in the center of the pallet where consumers can deposit empty soda bottles. When full, the box is shipped back to TerraCycle where the bottles are reused.

For each bottle collected in the EcoPallet program, TerraCycle will donate $0.05 to Zerofootprint, as well as $0.05 to a local school that participates in the Bottle Brigade program.

TerraCycle EcoPallet displays are in Home Depot stores throughout Canada and are being tested at Home Depot stores in New Jersey.

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