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October 2006


Impact of recycling in South Carolina reported

The South Carolina Recycling Market Development Advisory Council, managed within the South Carolina Department of Commerce, released results from a new economic impact study that shows recycling still plays an important role in the State’s economy.

According to the study conducted by Frank Hefner and Calvin Blackwell, economists at the College of Charleston, the recycling industry creates an estimated $6.5 billion total economic impact in the State’s economy.

This can be attributed to the more than 300 recycling companies in the state which include haulers, processors, recycled product manufacturers and equipment makers.

The study further suggests the recycling industry is growing and new markets for recyclables are emerging. As such, the recycling industry is anticipated to grow at an annual rate of 12 percent each year over the next 5 years, leading to a potential $11 billion economic impact.

Hefner and Blackwell found that for every ton of municipal solid waste (MSW) that is recycled instead of landfilled represents a significant cost savings.

“This study builds on the Council’s past work and achievements. It provides insight as to how recycling markets are directly impacting the state’s economy,” said Gerry Fishbeck, chairman of the Recycling Market Development Advisory Council. “Based on the numbers in this study, it clearly shows that it does pay to recycle.”

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