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October 2006


Indianapolis begins recycling program

Indianapolis deputy mayor Steve Campbell and the director of public works Kumar Menon announced the launch of Recycle Indianapolis and the kick off of the Downtown Recycling Initiative.

Recycle Indianapolis is a new, comprehensive program that will broaden recycling participation in Indianapolis through increased awareness and education by promoting ease of use, waste reduction and environmental responsibility through personal, neighborhood and citywide opportunities.

“The goal of Recycle Indianapolis is to change the attitude, behavior and understanding of recycling in Indianapolis by the general public, industries and schools as well as encourage active participation in source reduction, reuse and recycling of solid waste and other materials,” Menon said.

In addition to the launch of Recycle Indianapolis, the department of public works kicked off the Downtown Recycling Initiative in partnership with Waste Management and Indianapolis Downtown, Inc.

Decorative recycling containers supplied by Waste Management have been placed in five downtown locations to promote aluminum and plastic recycling among residents, businesses and tourists.

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