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October 2006


Ohio EPA offers cash to salvage professionals for auto mercury switches

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launched an automobile mercury switch removal program. The EPA in a partnership with End-of-Life Vehicle Solutions Corporation (ELVS), will provide licensed auto salvage yards $3 for each mercury switch they remove prior to dismantling or crushing vehicles.

Mercury-containing switches are commonly found in the hood, trunk and ABS components of automobiles manufactured before 2003.

Ohio EPA’s goal is to collect and recycle 20,000 switches with initial $60,000 seed money, and then explore options to secure additional funding as needed.

The initial funding came from a recent enforcement case settlement.

Participation in the program has been set up with minimal paperwork for auto recyclers.

Ohio EPA will begin an outreach campaign, sending letters to all licensed auto salvage yards in the state and posting additional information and instructions on how to sign up for the program on the Web.

Since mercury switch convenience lighting no longer is installed in most vehicles, Ohio EPA expects the majority of switches to be collected within the first few years the program is in place.

ELVS will arrange for collection and transport of the switches to proper recycling or disposal facilities.

For more information on the mercury switch removal program, contact Laurie Stevenson by phone at 614-644-2344 or by writing to Ohio EPA, Office of Compliance Assistance and Pollution Prevention, Attention: Laurie Stevenson, Lazarus Government Center, PO Box 1049, Columbus, Ohio 43216-1049.

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