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October 2007

Alter Metal introduces cash card program

Alter Metal Recycling will introduce a new Alter Cash Card Program at each of their locations, beginning in September and continuing through the end of 2007, offering scrap suppliers an easier, quicker method of payment.

Rather than receiving a check, scrap suppliers will have the option to receive payment on a single load or reloadable Alter Visa® Prepaid Card. The card, which can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted, gives customers the convenience of cash without the hassle of carrying cash.

Subject to certain limitations, suppliers will have two options—they can go online and sign up for a reloadable Alter Visa Prepaid Card, usable with every sale of scrap metal to Alter, or they can choose a single load Alter Visa Prepaid Card as payment.

When suppliers bring in their metal, the value of the scrap is loaded onto an Alter Visa Prepaid Card and is immediately available for use. It can then be cashed out at any of Alter’s on-site ATMs, taken to another ATM, or spent like cash.

For more information on the new Alter Cash Card Program, visit