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October 2007

California State Assembly passes Levine residential recycling measure

The California State Assembly passed Assembly Bill 548, a measure that would expand recycling in California by providing a residential recycling opportunity for the more than 7.1 million Californians residing in more than 2.4 million multi-family dwelling units. The measure passed by a vote of 47-24 and will now be considered by the Govenor.

While California is diverting more than 50 percent of generated waste, it is estimated that just 15 percent of waste generated at multi-family dwellings is currently diverted. While just 19.1 percent of Californians live in multi-family dwellings, these housing units account for 26 percent of the residential waste stream.

A 2004 waste stream analysis by the California Integrated Waste Management Board found that 26.4 percent of the multi-family waste stream is recyclable and that more than 894,687 tons of recyclable materials are sent to landfills from multi-family dwellings.

Assembly Bill 548 requires that an owner of a multi-family dwelling provide appropriate recycling services for the dwelling in accordance with the local jurisdiction’s recycling plan.