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October 2007

EPA expands procurement of materials to include compost from biosolids and manure

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is revising the list of items designated in the Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines’ landscaping products category to promote the use of materials recovered from solid waste. EPA is expanding the description of “compost” from yard trimmings and food waste to include compost from biosolids and manure, but does not limit the designation to specific types of organic materials. In addition, EPA has added fertilizer made from recovered materials as a designated landscaping item.

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act requires procurement officials to buy products containing recovered materials when the agencies spend more than $10,000 a year on that item. Procuring agencies are federal, state, and local agencies, and their contractors that use appropriated federal funds.

For more on the Recovered Materials Advisory Notice (RMAN) that outlines changes to the list of items designated in the CPG landscaping products category: