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October 2007

Jo-Carroll Energy unveils plan for energy plant

Jo-Carroll Energy plans to build an 80 megawatt, biomass-fueled, renewable energy center on approximately 60 acres in Illinois.

The plant will be fueled by various types of renewable biomass, such as clean waste wood, corn stover and switchgrass. The plant will only accept clean biomass, eliminating the potential for emissions of mercury, sulfur dioxide and other harmful compounds.

Emissions from the facility will be scrubbed to meet or exceed all applicable environmental regulations.

The facility will have the capacity produce enough electricity to power more than 10,000 homes. In addition to generating electricity, the plant intends to sell the steam it produces to the adjacent Danisco plant for use in that company’s industrial processes.

The projected cost of the facility is approximately $140 million. The cooperative hopes to start construction in 2009 and begin operations in 2012.