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October 2007

Sims Recycling joins energy program

Sims Recycling Solutions, a global electronics recycler located in Roseville, California, will participate in the Roseville renewable energy program, Green Roseville. Deciding to purchase 100 percent of the energy it uses through Green Roseville was a perfect fit for SIMS Recycling Solutions and makes them Roseville Electric’s second largest renewable energy customer, purchasing about 197 megawatt hours each month.

“As recyclers, Sims Recycling Solutions is in the business of sustainability,” said engineering director Rafael Reveles. “Participating in programs like Green Roseville and utilizing renewable energy is a logical step for our business and an extension of our sustainability efforts nationwide. The success of Green Roseville and others like it depend on participation – from the public and the business community. Greater demand makes it possible to build more renewable generation facilities, which will make renewable energy affordable for all. It all starts here, and we’re happy to be a part of it.”

The green energy credit purchased by Sims Recycling Solutions is equal to protecting more than 700 acres of trees or taking 187 cars off of the road annually.