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October 2007

Tire recycling facility planned

Titan Technologies, Inc. announced that the State of Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has issued an Air Quality Permit (Permit) authorizing Neofuels U.S.A. LLC (Neofuels) of Port Arthur, Texas to construct and operate a tire recycling facility in Port Arthur, Texas.

Neofuels is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ally Investments, LLP, which holds a license with Titan Technologies, Inc. to construct a tire recycling facility in Port Arthur, Texas. The facility will be capable of processing approximately 300 tons of scrap tires per day utilizing Titan’s patented thermolysis recycling process.

At full capacity, the proposed facility will process approximately 30,000 scrap automobile tires per day that will recover approximately 1,000 barrels (approximately 42,000 gallons) of fuel grade oil, 90 tons of carbon black and 30 tons of steel per day.

The License Agreement between Ally Investments and Titan also provides for exclusive territories for an additional 300 ton per day tire recycling plant to be built by Ally using Titan’s technology in Texas, Oklahoma and Mississippi, if certain conditions are met.