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October 2007
VE85: becoming a standard at the pump.

VeraSun Energy and Kroger add VE85 fueling to 20 locations

VeraSun Energy Corporation and The Kroger Co. announced the opening of 20 VE85™ fueling locations at Kroger convenience stores in Ohio and Kentucky.

Kroger is the first national retailer to offer VeraSun’s branded E85, a blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline for flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs).

Currently, Kroger has 40 locations offering E85 in the states of Texas, Ohio and Kentucky.

As a result of the VeraSun and Kroger partnership, Enterprise Rent-A-Car will designate four additional rental locations as VE85/FlexFuel branches, including one of its primary locations in Cincinnati. Enterprise and VeraSun announced a partnership last month whereby Enterprise committed to concentrate FFVs around select VE85 fueling locations. A quarter of the rental fleet in these new locations will be GM flex fuel vehicles. Enterprise will provide ethanol and FFV education materials and maps to Kroger’s Ohio VE85 fueling locations inside each automobile.

The Argonne National Laboratory reported that the use of 4.9 billion gallons of ethanol in the United States during 2006 resulted in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by approximately eight million tons, while the use of E85 alone contributes to a 20 percent reduction in ozone-forming pollution and a 30 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

VE85 was launched in May 2005 with seven stations in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and is now available in Chicago, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Pittsburgh. In June, VeraSun, GM and Enterprise partnered to open the first E85 retail location in Washington, D.C.