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October 2007

Waste Control Specialists teams with Studsvik

Waste Control Specialists LLC (WCS) announced a teaming agreement with Studsvik, Inc. for the treatment and storage of Class B and C radioactive waste.

WCS was formed in 1995 and construction was completed in 1997 on the initial phase of the facility in West Texas. The design of the facility was developed to allow for the expansion into multiple waste types. Subsequently, the permitting authorizations for the facility have been expanded to include the processing, and storage of low-level and mixed low-level radioactive wastes and the disposal of certain types of exempt low-level radioactive wastes.

WCS also has applications in process that would further expand the facility’s permits to allow for the disposal of byproduct waste material and disposal of Texas Compact and Federal low-level radioactive waste.

Upon successful completion of the required hearing and application processes, WCS currently anticipates these additional permits would be issued by early 2009.