ThermoEnergy signs on new board members, one a green investor

ThermoEnergy Corporation announced that David Gelbaum is joining the company’s board of directors. In addition, Shawn Hughes, president and COO of Castion, ThermoEnergy’s water division, was also named to the board of directors. Finally, Los Angeles attorney, Joseph Bartlett, will also be joining the company’s board of advisors.

Dennis C. Cossey, ThermoEnergy’s chairman and CEO, said, “With his highly successful, 36 year career in the finance and investment banking industry, Mr. Gelbaum represents a tremendous resource for the ThermoEnergy management team. David’s Quercus Trust Fund, one of ThermoEnergy’s largest shareholders, is a leading investor in the clean energy and technology space, making Mr. Gelbaum an additionally valuable resource to our company and our board.”

Shawn Hughes joined ThermoEnergy in June of 2007 as president and was named COO of Castion Corporation shortly after its acquisition in July of last year.

Joseph Bartlett is a Los Angeles-based attorney specializing in financing, mergers, acquisitions and compliance with public and private securities laws. He has extensive experience advising boards of directors as to their fiduciary duties and other obligations. He also serves as counsel to The Quercus Trust.