Alcoa and Novelis to procure UBCs

Alcoa and Novelis have formed a new, joint venture company, Evermore Recycling LLC, for the procurement of aluminum beverage containers (UBCs). Evermore Recycling will provide suppliers a direct relationship with Alcoa and Novelis, two of the leading consumers and processors of UBCs within North America. The goals of the joint venture are to build stronger supplier relationships, deliver cost savings and efficiencies within the UBC purchasing process, and accelerate strategic initiatives to reach the industry’s goal of increasing the aluminum can recycling rate to 75 percent by 2015.

Evermore Recycling is limited to the procurement of UBCs. All other aspects of Alcoa and Novelis’ businesses will remain completely independent. In September, Evermore Recycling initiated commercial relationships with prospective suppliers for deliveries effective January 1, 2010.

Evermore Recycling will be headquartered in Nashville and will employ approximately 20 individuals.