PSC Metals hires new chief executive

—Ronald J. Nock

Ronald J. Nock, former president and chief executive officer of Severstal North America Inc., has been named president and chief executive officer of PSC Metals, Inc. Nock succeeds Benjamin M. Blemker, who is retiring.

Nock has spent his entire career in the steel industry, having joined Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel Corporation in 1975. From there, Nock was hired by Rouge Steel Company in 1982, where he began as a sales representative. Nock rose through the marketing ranks to become senior vice president, commercial and strategic planning in 2000.

When Russian-owned Severstal purchased Rouge Steel in 2004, Nock was appointed chief operating officer and then president and chief executive officer. Nock guided his team through the restructuring and turnaround of the company, including a massive modernization program designed to reduce cost and enhance product capability. Nock also led the team responsible for Severstal’s three major acquisitions.